Three things: media unionization, the backlash, and Google clicks decline

I haven’t had much time to write today but wanted to share a stories today that I think deserve your attention

Unions in digital media are getting stronger

The unionization trend is growing stronger in digital media. And it appears that this summer is an important step in many of these nascent groups of organized workers becoming recognised in a more formal setting.

This article on Nieman Lab provides a pretty good overview of what’s been happening recently.

Barstool Sports boss takes aim at unionization

However, with the growing trend of unionization there’s always going to be resistance. This is particularly true from those in leadership positions.

Today one of Barstool Sports’ head honchos took a needlessly firm line on unionization - perhaps it highlights the extent to which the trend is getting to those with something to lose from an empowered an organized workforce.

We’re still searching on Google, but today we’re clicking less than ever

There was a great story published today about how less than half of Google searches performed today actually result in a click.

This is interesting in the context of Congress’ ongoing inquiry into competition - it suggests that Google is trying to force users towards results inside its own ecosystem, essentially driving down what we think of as ‘organic’ results.